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Planning Stage

Following an initial visit to discuss your requirements we will carry out a measured survey in order to prepare drawings of your existing property.  We will then meet to discuss initial sketch proposals and your requirements in detail.  Once the design is approved, the Planning or Lawful Development application documents will be prepared and submitted to the Local Authority.  The application is usually determined within 8 weeks.

Building Control Stage

A Building Regulation application will be prepared based on the Planning application documents and will be submitted to the local authority either as a full plans application or under notification.  A Structural Engineer is likely to be required for this stage of work and is usually appointed directly by the Client.  We will advise if any other consultants are required.  For avoidance of risk it is usually best to commence this stage of work after the Planning application is granted.  A full plans application is usually determined within 6 weeks.

Construction Stage

We can assist with tendering the proposed works and evaluating the builders quotes.  We can advise on the appropriate form of contract.  We can also provide full construction drawings, which are more detailed than the Building Control drawings.  If you decide to deal with the contractor directly, we can provide occasional site visits to see if the builder is keeping to his contractual responsibilities.  Alternatively we could deal with the contractor directly and carry out regular site inspections and administer the contract on your behalf.

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